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4o4 Esports is the youngest gaming facility in Atlanta and is all about the FGC and Smash communities. This is the original home of FGC Fight Night, a battle circuit league in which we hold Street Fighter V, Samurai Shodown, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, BBTag, UNIST, Guilty Gear, MvC3, and more. 4o4 is also the location of the first ever Atlanta Batte Opera, hosted by Trill Shola and Pokchop! We co-host events in our space with other local organizers such as Dapvip of Gwinnett Brawl, Theo Walker of Golden Anchor Gaming, Slimkat of Marietta Heist, Granddad Woolly of Dead End Gaming, and Cardd of RecursionGG.


We now run 4o4 Fight Night on the FGC side and run the 4o4 Smash Melee and Ultimate League with RecursionGG during the week.

We are open late Monday through Saturday! We have plenty of gaming setups and equipment for you to use, but we also welcome you to bring your own setup for casuals, or come in and train online lag-free using our gig speed internet bandwidth. Spread the word and bring friends! The intent is to build the gamer’s paradise. Welcome to Outer Heaven.

Twitch channels:
4o4 Esports | Pokchop50 | Recurison | Sleepyk

Turn every day into an esports convention.

Play daily video game tournaments in Atlanta for cash and prizes at 4o4 Esports.

Atlanta's Finest Play Here

If you don't want to compete, come watch our tournaments and be part of the community. We welcome everyone who loves video games. Cheer on your friends, and make new ones, as you spend time in an exciting environment around the things you love. Also our plaza is full of restaurants and entertainment! Check out the karaoke bar, pool hall, KBBQ, H Mart, Bubble Tea, and Japanese restaurants, so there's no excuse for you not to come! Sign up for brackets in advance or at the door.


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Join the gaming revolution at 4o4 Esports.

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