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Register now to compete in our tournaments! We run our brackets through smash.gg and will post all tournament links in the calendar below. It is recommended that you create a free smash.gg account , although it is not required as you can sign up as a guest. Do not be discouraged by seeing an empty bracket upon sign up, as most gamers wait til the last minute to register.

For payments, we accept major credit cards, cashapp, and paypal online and in-store.  The winners of tournaments will have their prizes transferred via paypal, cashapp, or cash.



5PM-10PM Smash Fest

Tuesday Smash Melee (RecursionGG)

5PM Casuals

7PM Melee Doubles

8PM Melee Singles 

Wednesday 4o4 Fight Night

5PM Casuals

7:30PM Street Fighter V | Dragon Ball FIghterZ

8:30PM Samurai Shodown | Tekken 7

Thursday Smash Ultimate (RecursionGG):

5PM Casuals

6:30PM Ultimate Doubles

8:00PM Ultimate Singles

Friday Night Lights:

5PM-2AM Casuals

Use this link to sign up tonight:

Wednesday: https://smash.gg/tournament/4o4-fight-night-vii/details